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What I would like to say about Svaroopa®: When Dana told me about it, she described it as healing with support, and that made so much sense to me. No more struggling to get the pose right, no need to check in the mirror if my belly flops, no sweat either! I can just relax into the pose and everything takes care of itself! And it really does- and its the same with your life- relax, let things happen and there we have that connection again with yoga being excellent for your body, mind and spirit! My advice for Svaroopa® beginners is: don't get confused the first few lessons with blanket, correct positions etc, it will all make so much sense, soon; trust your teacher, Dana does such a wonderful job! I also found it weird at first that I seemed to do "nothing much" compared to the usual workout of a Yoga lesson, but as I observed my body I could see a difference quite soon. I have been doing Yoga for 10 years now, started Svaroopa® classes last year; I definitely prefer Svaroopa®; it enriches my life so much. Give it a go!

Monika Nick, Mitchelton, QLD

I have been practicing yoga for 4 years now and really love it. Svaroopa® yoga is a totally different style of yoga and it takes a little to get your mind around it. At first I found it hard to surrender to the pose and not effort or push yourself as in other types of yoga but once you accept this you discover the bliss of Svaroopa®. Personally I have found great relief from Svaroopa® - I suffer from a disease in my spine (Scheuermann's disease) so live with a lot of back ache. Since doing Svaroopa® yoga I have had a decrease in this and increased flexibility in my spine. After years of being in pain sitting cross legged I can now sit comfortably in this pose. The poses are simple, easy to learn and very effective. I often find myself doing these poses at home. It is great to get such results from something so easy! I encourage everyone to give it a go and I'm sure that like me you will be amazed at the changes in your body. So give Svaroopa® a go.

Karen Rea, Albany Creek, QLD

I have noticed significant, outstanding improvements in my physical health & in other areas of my well-being during a course of Embodyment® Therapy treatments from Dana. Dana Clark is a very caring, skilled Svaroopa® Yoga and Embodyment® Therapy practitioner who has genuine empathy, patience & understanding for her clients. She is always encouraging, gently building our confidence, aware of our limitations and disabilities. Dana is able to explain the exercises, processes & terminology in everyday language. In my Embodyment® Therapy sessions, Dana accesses a deep intuitive knowing of my body’s needs, gently encouraging my body to ‘let go’ of long-held muscular tension and patterns, tuning in and guiding me to become more integrated in mind, body & spirit. I first came to Dana in 2008 with a body filled with past injuries & trauma, very restricted in movement, especially in my back, neck, hips and leg. My latest accident of a broken leg/ ankle/foot in 2007 necessitated an implanted movement-restricting metal plate & 13 metal pins. Initially I received treatments from a Feldenkrais ‘Bones for Life’ teacher, a physiotherapist, a homeopath, a kiniesiologist, spiritual healing colleagues, a massage therapist and a chiropractor. After a few months, I commenced gentle yoga class lessons with highly-recommended Svaroopa® Yoga teacher, Dana Clark. Then I was guided to receive a set of 4 weekly Embodyment® Therapy sessions with Dana, on a 1-1 basis. These made a HUGE difference to my progress, so I have continued regular Embodyment® treatments. I have since been able to significantly reduce the frequency of treatments with other practitioners, or to stop altogether. However, Embodyment® Therapy with Dana is a weekly priority for me, so effective and deeply healing. I have noticed the following improvements from Embodyment® during the past 6 months:- Increased spinal flexibility A reduced tightness through spinal muscles Relief from back pain Involuntary, natural spinal adjustments Increasing blood flow to the extremities More freedom and ease of movement when walking A developing awareness & connection to my body Old emotional pain brought up & cleared Improved posture & opened breathing areas Kundalini energy in the spine An increasing flexibility & ease in yoga poses Softening of the face Playing the piano is physically easier, with more movement in the upper body [N.B. I’m a professional pianist] I am delighted to recommend Dana’s Embodyment® Therapy to anyone, especially to those affected by past trauma, injuries & physical restrictions, who wish to gain more flexibility and vitality in their body. It is a safe, gentle method delivered in nurturing ways. Thank you, Dana.

Valerie Dickson, Ferny Hills, Qld