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on a path towards healing, transformation, and illumination 

Are you looking to do yoga classes online?

Join us at Hidden Valley Yoga where you can live stream a wonderfully relaxing and healing yoga class right from the comfort of your own home.

Dana Clark is a certified and practicing Svaroopa® yoga therapist and yoga teacher, with many years experience assisting her students and clients find a path to better health outcomes. Let Dana design a program to address any health outcomes you wish to achieve.

A Students Experience

Imagine my suprise when I was at the chiropractor having an adjustment when I was asked "What do you do, as your spine is in better condition than mine?  It is so flexible! I have clients your age (late 70's) who don't have a spine like yours." I replied that apart from regular adjustments I do Svaroopa yoga. My chiropractor said "keep doing what you are doing as it is obviously working".    Sylvia - Brisbane Australia