Tech Tips

Turn up the volume

Make sure that the volume on your device is set to a level that that allows you to hear clearly.

If you are still having trouble hearing try some of the options listed below to find what suits you best.


As the default speakers that come with you Laptop, iPad/Tablet, or Phone may not be of the highest quality, it is usually best to try the following:

Audio and Video

To further improve your experience both audibly and visually, you may want to view the class on a bigger screen and play the sound via your TV speakers.


Hidden Valley Yoga has top level high speed broadband access to the NBN, meaning the upload rate to the Zoom servers is of a high quality.

The quality of the audio and video from the Zoom servers to your device will depend on the quality of your broadband connection (so it is out of our control).

Things that can interfere with your experience are as follows:

  • Slow or low quality connection to broadband/NBN

  • Other users sharing your broadband connection, like someone working from home, or someone playing internet games over your connection.

  • Poor WiFi signal in the area you have chosen to do the class (a wifi range extender/booster may help)

    • What is a WiFi Range Extender

      • A WiFi Range Extender helps you extend the range of your existing WiFi router. Let’s assume that you have a router on the ground floor, and you do not receive a good WiFi signal on the second floor of the same building. You can use a WiFi range extender to get a better WiFi signal on the second floor.

    • You can buy one of these from the usual tech sales outlets (e.g. Officeworks etc..) for a reasonable price.