Wave Hands Like Clouds

Meditate on the qualities of happiness and love as you stimulate a balanced flow of energy through your body

What is Waving Hands Like Clouds?

Compliment your yoga practice with this meditative movement technique.

Waving hands like clouds combines gentle hand and feet movements in a coordinated pattern with a focus on moving the waist.

What are the benefits?

  • co-ordination really does improve as you get to grips with turning the waist and changing the hand positions

  • a great exercise for stress relief and insomnia - stops the mind racing with all the things you have to do at home or the office

  • tones the back muscles as you do your turns from the waist

  • the gentle turns of the neck relieve tension in the neck and shoulders and increase mobility

  • feel a sense of calmness and balance

What do I need for this class?

A space where you can stand comfortably (either at home, in the office, or wherever you want to join from)

Comfortable loose clothing and either bare feet or comfortable flat shoes.

The link and password for this class is the same link and password that you get when you signup for the Hidden Valley Yoga subscription.

The class link will be open to join from 6:45 am, please join before 7:00 am so we can start on time.

What will we be doing?

The class will start with a simple standing meditation posture.

Then we will practice the sequence of movements for wave hands like clouds.

The class will finish by repeating the simple standing meditation posture.